Welcome to Sense Diagnostics

Publishing date: 6 April 2020

We are thrilled to announce our most recent partnership with Sense Diagnostics, an American company specialised in non-invasive monitoring of the neurological status of a patient at any given time.

Every year, roughly 15 million people will suffer a stroke, of which, about 3 million die due to worsening conditions, delayed treatment, and lack of continuous brain monitoring. At the moment, in order to know if the brain is bleeding between CT/MRI scans, the medical personnel has to rely on multiple 

sources of information such as clinical exams, vital signs, implanted ICP monitors.

The Sense by Sense Diagnostics acts as an adjunct to CT/MRI and can detect active bleeding in the brain and alert medical personnel about worsening brain conditions. The Sense device transmits a low power tailored electro-magnetic (EM) pulse in the RF range across the patient’s brain. By collecting 720 data points every 40 seconds, the Sense detects changes in the signal that may indicate acute bleeding, brain swelling, or blocked blood vessels.

The Sense is intended to be used in the hospitals, but also for EMS. Giving the ability to paramedics to better triage will ensure that every patient having a stroke is taken directly to a comprehensive stroke center.

To learn more about the Sense and its application, please contact us.